Many Americans haven't ever tried lamb. Most don't know how to cook it. And retailers are ambivalent. With only a modest budget, Prevail grabbed the attention of Foodies and Millennials and gained media and thought-influencer endorsements.

Efforts directly led to increased consumer and influencer engagement and increased sales via compelling shopper marketing content and in-store promotions. During our media-generating Food Truck event, 15% of attendees purchased a Shepherd’s Pride lamb item.

Overseeing the largest Hispanic research project at the time, Prevail identified top areas of unmet demand for milk, cheese and yogurt among U.S. Hispanics.

Then we developed a strategy and met with processors to convert key insights into marketplace innovation.

When multiple leading national health and beauty brands joined forces to pilot a store-within-a-store concept for a retail customer, Prevail was commissioned to conjure a plan in short order for generating media and store traffic.

Prevail led the launch of the multimillion dollar, multi-year “Fuel Up to Play 60” campaign representing the dairy industry in partnership with the NFL, youth, nutrition and educational organizations at the national, regional and local levels and corporate sponsors.

A small natural meat company retained Prevail to develop and execute a strategic plan which would build greater awareness and relevancy for its premium products. As such, our sales, marketing and public relations strategies garnered media attention, new retail and foodservice customers, and helped lay the groundwork for a successful company sale.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

A retail industry in crisis, suffering from slumping sales and harsh media and regulatory pressures, turned to Prevail for a turnabout strategy. One that was heralded by a CEO member as the best strategy they’ve had in decades.

To help galvanize school health and wellness stakeholders around a wellness agenda, we organized a high-impact, coast-to-coast event, bringing together food industry, school and government officials, professional athletes, students, media, and nonprofit and health and wellness organizations together for a successful kick-off program. Success from that kick-off was sustainable, with AFHK having grown to a 100,000+ network creating healthful school change

Seafood consumption had sunk.

Frozen fish was taboo.

But Prevail reeled in critical influencers and audience segments and leveraged new health research to gain positive social media and increased eating occasions and sales.